9 Important Things To Prepare Before Visiting The Eye Doctor

Your eye health is a vital aspect of your overall wellness. To make sure your eyes are doing great and are free from any vision problems, it is highly recommended that you get your eyes checked at least once every year or two. Here are a few tips you can take when preparing for your next trip to the eye clinic.
Getting an eye exam on a regular basis is not only for those who have an eye-related illness but for everybody. The health of your eyes is a vital aspect of your overall wellness. It helps a lot to come to an eye clinic prepared. 

Here are a few tips you need to remember when preparing for your next trip to the eye clinic.

 List down all the medications you have taken in the last few weeks or months including both the over the counter and prescription medicines.
 Also, create a list of diseases or illnesses you and your family have especially those that can affect eye health like diabetes.
 I have visited an optometrist near me, what shall I do? If you have seen any eye doctors in the past, be sure to list down their names. Your new optometrist might need to request some essential information related to your previous eye condition and he or she may send them a report of the results of your latest eye exam.
 If you have worn or if you are currently wearing a pair of prescription glasses bring them on your next visit to the eye clinic regardless of whether they are broken or not. The optometrist will need it to determine if there is a dramatic change to your prescription. 

 Aside from prescription glasses, you also need to bring with you the blister pack or contact lens box, should you be wearing any of these types of eyewear in the past or in the present. Also list down any other types of lenses that you have used in the past both those you liked and disliked.
 If you are going to have routine vision exam and you expect to be dilated, it is better to bring with you a companion. If you come to the clinic with your own car, it is highly recommended that you bring someone who can drive you home.
 If you are a new patient, you may be required to do the paperwork so be prepared for that. This paperwork usually includes filling out a form where you will write down all your essential information as well as some details pertaining to your entire health. The Ottawa eye exam clinics are required to gather this information as per insurance and medical regulations.
 If you have insurance or medical cards, bring them with you together with any identification cards associated with your medical and insurance coverage when you visit the eye exam clinic.
 Think about and list down any vision issues you have been experiencing. The eye doctor may ask you about them before or after the eye exam. Also include some helpful details related to such issues like when did you start experiencing the symptoms, what are the things you have done to relieve them, and what are the things that trigger or worsen them.
Be sure to include these helpful tips in your checklist for a smooth sailing visit to the eye clinic. It is better to come prepared to make sure you don't miss anything.